MedSitter® Virtual Observation & Patient Engagement Solution

MedSitter® is a complete virtual patient observation program designed to empower patient sitters and improve patient outcomes.

Ready to promote patient safety as a culture?

Next-level Patient Monitoring Program

IDS built a premiere virtual observation program to support
healthcare providers and to exceed their level of patient care.

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Clinical Expertise

From initial conversations to completion, and beyond, the MedSitter® Clinical Support Team will provide your staff with user-friendly tools and training for a speedy rollout.

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24/7 IT Support

The IDS certified Customer Care Center
acts as your Tier-1 tech support to
alleviate IT departments.

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Risk-Free Trial

Try the complete program for a full 30 days to ensure it fits your clinical workflow and business objective.

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Average out-of-pocket cost
hospitals spend per patient fall

hospital spend on 1-on-1
observation per patient day

Immediate return
on investment

Reduce Patient Injuries

Prevent costly patient falls and injuries with 24-hour monitoring, motion detection and fast-acting alerts.

Scale Staff Quickly

Remote sitters are able to monitor up to 10 patients at once, enabling staff to instantly add or remove patients for observation.

Zero Upfront Capital

MedSitter's subscription-based model means no out-of-pocket hardware to buy, free updates, upgrades, and faster rollout.

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Functionality at Scale

MedSitter®, an IDS product, is designed with patient safety, staff productivity, and immediate investment return in mind. Oh, and did we mention you can try the entire program for 30 days completely risk free?

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First of its kind technology enables
sitters and patients to engage in conversation using two-way video and audio.


Intelligent motion detection proactively alerts sitters far in advance to prevent falls from ever happening. Quick access alarms allow for clinical staff to be informed immediately.


Effortlessly communicate with patients directly, contact a clinician, or sound an in-room alarm at the click of a button.


Equipped with an array of tools, sitters can adjust the in-room vantage point of a patient with manual PTZ control, click-and-go, and automated person tracking.


Included with MedSitter® is a library of verbal prompts spoken in over 35 languages in male and female voices. Any added languages will always be included for free.


Remarkable privacy features use MedSitter’s® visual intelligence monitors activity information while obscuring the sitter's view.

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Cloud-based solution for all

MedSitter's® modern cloud-based solution means remote staff can not only monitor patients throughout a building, but also throughout an entire healthcare system anywhere in the nation.


MedSitter® Ready Carts

Best-in-class technology designed for
mobile observations and remote bedside care.

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Data, Reports & Analytics

MedSitter Analytics delivers, literally! Analytics focuses on bringing the information you need to you. MedSitter gives you actionable insights with Data Drill Down reports (as granular as daily unit-level metrics), Scheduled reports emailed to you, and print-ready PDFs.

For those that desire expanded analytics support, raw data for each report configuration can be exported for further deep analysis. Additionally, our analytics program is backed by our expert registered nurses available to help interpret information.

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Onboarding & Clinical Support

Set your staff up for rapid success with guides, workflows, best practices and more from our staff of registered nurses. From initial conversations to complete rollout, our Clinical Support Team will provide virtual or on-site onboarding as well as continuous training.

HIPAA Certified
Customer Support

Let our HIPAA-certified Customer Support team do all the heavy lifting as your Tier 1 support team as they go above and beyond initial implementations and act as your ongoing 24x7 IT support.

The MedSitter® Program’s subscription-based model means that all software and hardware updates are included and implemented remotely, keeping your organization focused on patient care instead of technology.

Managed services
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Ready to improve your safety observation results?